The first thing that popped into my mind when I opened up my package was that it had some flowers.

As I opened the box I thought to myself, “What is this?”

Then I saw that it was the blooms of my neighbor’s beloved Philadephias.

The Philadephycian flower pot was a large pot with a large flower bed, with a flower and a rose in the center.

 The package was sent to me by a friend of mine who was also visiting Philadelphia, and I’m happy to say that I received it!

The pot itself has a beautiful pink/purple color to it, and it also has a nice amount of room for your plants to grow.

I’m really looking forward to using this pot and planting some plants.

It’s definitely something I’m going to have on my “to have” list in the future.

After my initial shock of the package I was really excited to see the variety of colors that the package contained.

The flower bed and flower pot are both bright pink, with white borders, and they are both available in multiple colors.

My first impressions of the pots were that they were all really nice colors, but I was a little worried about the colors of the flower bed.

I thought the color of the flowers might make them seem a bit too purple, and that could cause some confusion in the garden.

Theres also a nice purple border around the flowers, but not quite as large.

So far, the flowers have been starting to take shape, but the pot is starting to get a bit dirty from the heat of the summer.

When I was trying to decide which of the pot designs to get, I decided on the purple-and-pink-colored pot.

Since I’m from Philly, I was kind of excited to have this pot.

The purple pot has some really nice patterns, and the flowers are definitely more vibrant.

It’s really easy to use, and since I have a lot of purple plants I was worried that I would have trouble with it.

However, the purple pot is just amazing, with purple flowers, a nice border, and lots of space for your purple plants to flourish.

Once the plants have been growing and developing for a few weeks, I have to say I have really enjoyed the pots.

They’re very colorful, with lots of different patterns, lots of colors, and very vibrant. 

If you’re looking for a nice, purple pot, look no further!

I will definitely be adding more Philadeps to my “To Have” list!