The story of how an artist turned his life’s work into a full-blown Halloween decoration is one of the strangest and most fascinating Halloween stories ever told.

The artist, Robert J. Koehler, is an American artist, photographer, and sculptor whose work has been exhibited around the world, and has been described as “a master of the absurd and the surreal”.

His work has drawn many comparisons to the works of Salvador Dali, but his own work is a more serious affair.

In his work, the artist creates an amalgamation of everyday objects, such as the hibISCUS flower, an artificial flower that is shaped like an octopus, and a carnation flower that resembles a human hand, all combined in a way that is both playful and sinister.

It is also the first of its kind in the world.

The “puppet” of the hibrISCUS Flower is a full grown, living human hand that is encased in a translucent hibISSURE.

Robert Koehlman’s Halloween decorations are designed to evoke the eerie and macabre in an “old fashioned” way.

He calls it the “puppeteer of the Halloween.”

Robert Koeshler is an artist and sculpting expert and has produced a wide variety of sculptures, including a full sized, fully grown, human hand and a puppet made out of a plastic toy that resembles the hand of an octo octopus.

These puppets are called “pugies” and they are created to be a parody of the real life person they resemble.

Robert Koehls, the creator of the puppets, also creates realistic looking Halloween costumes.

In a way, the puppeteer’s presence is a metaphor for Robert Koeshlers own work.

He has been doing puppets for over thirty years and they all have a special connection to him.

They all come from the same source.

“I was inspired by Robert Koles and his work on the first two books, ‘The Haunted House’ and ‘The Mummy’s Tomb,'” Robert Kothlowski told The Huffington Press.

“My father is a retired architect who was a pioneer of urban design, so I have always had an interest in urban history and architecture.

I also wanted to incorporate his work into my work because it is very real, but I also wanted it to be so realistic that you don’t have to be scared of it.

He also created some of my earliest Halloween decorations.

I wanted to combine them into something that could be made in the home.

I used a variety of materials and tried to combine different types of decorations, from the hIBISCUS and the cedar logs, to the holly balls and the jacaranda and the hollandaise and the pyrotechnic candles.

They were all made from cardboard boxes and cardboard plates, and I also used plastic and rubber and paper to make it more realistic.”

Robert’s creations can be seen on display at the New York Times and the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

His Halloween decorations have also been used in a book called “Haunted House” by writer and artist David H. Gibson.

Robert Kothlo is the creator and principal of the Koeherler Gallery in Atlanta.

He also has the “Puppet Workshop” located in the Kothla Arts Center.