“You know, this is a very small, very special flower, and it really brings out the little kids in the neighborhood,” said Bob Henson, who lives in Dallas.

“We love the idea of the white lily.”

It’s not uncommon to see flowers in parks and in front yards.

The white lilies flower is also found at the park.

The lily has long been an indoor native to Texas, with Native American cultures planting them in the early 1900s to make them look more native to the region.

It’s the first native plant native to North America to bloom in the fall, and in the Southwest it’s considered a seasonal native.

In Texas, it’s one of only two species of native lily to bloom during the year.

It grows to about 3 feet tall and is about two inches wide.

Henson said he and his wife, Carol, loved the lily for its simplicity and the fact that it blooms in the spring and summer.

It was also an easy choice for them because the flowers are so small.

“You could cut the flower off a piece of twine, put it in the compost, and then compost it,” Henson told The Associated Press.

“That’s what they were doing.”

Flowers are also found in parks, including at parks and playgrounds, but they are typically not seen outside.

“I always thought it was a cool idea to put it outside,” Hagan said.

“The first one we saw was a little white flower, but that was in the back, in the bushes, and the flowers grew and grew.”