Use butterfly peat moss as a base to build a small flower pot.

It’s a simple process.

The key to a butterfly pot is to first peel the plant to expose the plant’s leaves, which will give you the plant in the flower form.

You’ll then need to place the plant on a bed of moss and mix the peat with a small amount of water.

It takes a few tries, but you’ll get the idea.

The butterfly peats flower pot also contains a tiny leaf.

The leaf has a tiny green dot on top of it.

The dot tells the botanist that the plant has been identified as a butterfly plant.

You can then use the leaf to grow a butterfly flower in a petri dish.

When you’re done, you can either use the flower as an edible pot, or you can eat the flower with your hands.

The butterfly peasheed flower pot was made by two graduate students, Amanda Vigoda and Janna Siegel.

For more about butterflies, check out our guide to the plant.