A Texas man is hoping to uncover the fate of one of the country’s rarest and most endangered species: the flower mound.

The Texas Tribune reports that the grave marker for the grass-covered mound in the town of Flower, TX, was found buried in a shallow grave near the Texas border in 2015.

The marker was marked with a number and a number of flowers, and was believed to belong to the red-legged frog, a species that has been listed as endangered since at least 1985.

A few years ago, local artist Chris Stelzer dug up the grave to put up the marker, but when he didn’t receive the marker back, he started looking for another one.

Stelzzer posted the grave’s number and location on Facebook.

Stelzer’s cousin, Jeff, said it wasn’t until he was researching the history of the species that he found the grave.

“I found out that there were a couple of different people who had found the marker in the early 1900s, and then over the years I found out the location, and it was still there,” Stelzy said.

“They had dug up a mound, dug a hole, and buried it in the ground.

And it was just like, wow, that’s pretty cool.

It just feels right.”

The marker is now being taken down and the marker is being relocated to a more permanent location.

Stelszer plans to take the marker to the museum in Garland, Texas, and show it off to visitors.

“It’s really cool.

And the way it’s carved is just a little bit more unique than other markers that are carved out of the earth,” Stelszzer said.