The most common flower color is the autumn red.

But for the first time in history, the most common type of flower is the blooming purple. 

The new year brings with it a plethora of new autumn colors, but not all of them are purple.

This new color category is called purple bloom, and it’s not exactly new to flowers.

The color purple is actually a flower’s color.

In nature, purple flowers have a flower that resembles purple, with a few blue buds and the typical purple blossoms.

However, purple blooms are sometimes mistaken for autumn or fall colors, especially if they have purple stems.

And that’s exactly what happened in New York City.

For the first six months of this year, a handful of flowers bloomed purple on the streets of the city, according to a post on the Urban Dictionary website.

A lot of the time, the colors appear to be fall colors with a hint of purple in the middle.

P.S. If you’re curious about how the color purple actually evolved, it’s a really interesting subject.

It was originally an indigenous flower in the Aztec empire, but the color evolved into a popular flower color for thousands of years before being used as an everyday flower color by European explorers.

So why is purple a purple flower?

In the last few years, the color has taken on a more natural look, and is often referred to as a fall color.

It can be a mix of both red and blue.

But the purple bloom is not a fall bloom.

There are three major reasons for the purple color, according with the Urban dictionary.

“First, the plant is growing under water, which creates a strong UV radiation.

Second, it contains a chemical called anthocyanin, which is yellow in color and has the ability to produce a bright yellow color,” explains Urban Dictionary.

“Third, the bloom contains anthocynine, a chemical that also makes it a very strong purple.”

So what does purple actually look like?

There is a range of colors to choose from in this color category, depending on what part of the world you’re looking at.

But purple is one of the most popular fall colors in the United States.

Many people will say they see purple in a flower and are confused, but it actually comes from the soil, says a spokesperson for the United Kingdom’s Department of Environment.

If you look closely at a purple plant, it actually resembles a yellow leaf, says the spokesperson.

As you can see from the purple flower below, purple is a greenish purple that has a slight yellow tone.

According to the spokesperson, this means the plant will look yellow when it’s growing in the soil and yellow when in the air.

Because the purple is an all-over color, it looks a bit like an earth color, says another spokesperson for Britain’s Environment Agency.

How can I tell if I have purple?

It’s very hard to tell if you have purple flowers, because the plant’s color is so different, says Urban Dictionary, which explains that a purple leaf is usually a white, purple plant that has white petals and greenish petals.

Blue flowers are often mistaken for purple, but this is not the case. 

When you see a blue flower, you can usually tell it is a spring or fall color, the Urbanictionary website explains. 

Blue flowers have yellow stems and red leaves, and they can look a bit yellow in the light, says Dr. Robert L. Williams, professor of genetics and biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, who researches purple plants. 

However, a blue leaf can look like a white leaf, which means the blue flowers can be purple.

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