Posted September 06, 2018 09:00:00In the wild, the yellowflower weed ( V. carolinense) grows wild and wide in grassland, but as an invasive weed, it spreads rapidly throughout India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

While the plant can cause severe damage, it also poses no threat to humans, said Amit Bhandari, the state plant commissioner of West Bengal.

He said the yellow flowers are mostly used for decorative purposes.

The plant is also sometimes grown commercially in the United States.

Bhandari said that even if the plants are imported, they should be monitored closely and they should not be used for commercial purposes.

He added that the plants grow well in temperate and tropical regions.

“It has been proven that these flowers are not invasive in India and the cultivation of them is allowed under Indian law,” Bhandaris said.

“But, as a non-native plant, they can cause a lot of damage.

They can cause damage to crops and livestock, causing soil erosion and other damage.”

The state plant commission has issued guidelines to state governments for controlling yellow flowers.

The guidelines have been approved by the department of natural resources, environment and forest.

The commission has been asked to issue a final order on the regulation of the yellow plant in 2019.