Posted September 29, 2018 09:30:49 “I was in a lot of pain.

I thought, ‘I’ve got to get some painkillers.’

So I went to my GP and he said, ‘You’re in a bit of pain.’

And I said, [expletive], ‘I’m not going to get painkillers.

I’ve got a life.

I’m not dying’.” The tattoo on her arm is a representation of her husband David’s heart.

It is a portrait of her daughter Charlotte and her son, David.

The image was taken by tattoo artist Jennifer Phelan.

Phelan said: “The original was a drawing of my own heart.

But it wasn’t my heart.

The portrait was taken when Phelans husband was undergoing heart surgery. “

It was my daughter Charlotte who took the image, and then I painted the rest of it on my arm and put it on top of her head.”

The portrait was taken when Phelans husband was undergoing heart surgery.

Ms Phel-an said the tattoo on his arm was the result of a “heart attack.” She said: “I was on the operating table, and my husband was still going through surgery and I said to my husband, ‘Are you OK?’

He said, yes, I’m fine.

I was so happy, I was smiling.”

Ms Mancuso said the image was not meant to offend people.

She added: “It’s just a representation.”

“My husband’s heart has never been a big part of his life.

It’s never been on his shirt, he never wore it on his chest or his neck.

He’s always been a family man and I’ve never really had a tattoo.

I had a very, very hard time.”

When asked why she chose to take the portrait, Ms Phelen said:”I wanted to give a message that I’m okay, I don’t have a life without my husband.

I think that’s why people find it very difficult to talk about.”

Phelps family has been trying to raise awareness about the dangers of tattooing and Ms Pheles said she hoped others would be encouraged to speak out about the issue.

A statement from the Family and Community Services Agency said: “This is an appalling example of a vulnerable young woman who has lost her life due to her own selfish desire to have a tattoo on their arm.”

We know this person will be a strong advocate for anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety, and are pleased to offer support to her family and friends.

“More to come.

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