Posted by: Nick Sargent Posted on: December 13, 2018 04:31:00 In this tutorial we will show you how to draw and create your own balloon flower tattoos.

The first step is to download the vector files for each balloon flower design.

Once you have downloaded the vector file, simply open them in Paint and go to Image > Make.

Then select the balloon flower and select the image you want to use.

The final result will look like this.

If you are using a different image than the one that you selected, the balloon flowers will appear different in the drawing.

Once the vector image is completed, you can then save it as a vector file and import it into Photoshop.

Once imported, select the vector and click the Add to Cart button.

In the dialog box that appears, you will need to select the size of the vector.

The size will be in pixels and the font size will depend on your browser.

If the font you selected is too large, you may need to adjust the size in the Appearance tab.

You can use the slider to adjust how large the balloon is.

To make it a little more detailed, you should also change the background color to red and set the width to 200 pixels.

Then, make sure that the gradient color is selected to grey.

To save the design as a PDF file, select File > Save As, select an existing PDF file and click Save.

The balloon flower will now be ready to be tattooed.

Now you can go ahead and draw your tattoo using the vector drawing tools.

The next step is that you need to fill in the details of the tattoo using ink, markers, and more ink.

First, we will start with a simple balloon flower that you can draw using the pencil and ink tool.

In this example, we are using white, yellow and red ink.

When you have finished drawing the balloon, you need a white line between each balloon.

Once this is complete, use the pencil tool to draw the outline of the balloon.

We need to create a black line between the balloon and the balloon’s stem.

The last step is for the ink to be added to the balloon so that we can get the final effect.

Fill in the black line with a small amount of ink and apply it to the center of the outline.

The ink should not be too strong and be consistent throughout the design.

Next, we can add the other ink using the ink tool and the pencil to create more details.

We will start by drawing a black outline on the balloon that has a white border.

We can add a black ink line to the border to help create some depth.

You will want to add a line that is just above the black border.

Finally, we need to add some more black ink to the outline, which will create a nice contrast.

Fill this in using the Pencil tool.

Now, we have some basic ink on the bottom of the flower, but it needs to be slightly darker.

This will help the ink reflect off of the white background and create a beautiful gradient.

Next we will add a few more black lines between the flower and the flower’s stem to create the background of the design that will help it stand out.

In order to make the flower stand out, you could use a few different designs to create it.

The best option would be to create an image that is almost completely white.

For this flower, we chose to create one that is nearly completely black and white.

After creating the image, we would then paint the flower on top of the black background.

Next would be a layer mask.

Then we would apply the white layer mask to the white flower.

Finally we would paint the black layer mask over the white flowers.

This final image is a good example of how we could use different designs in order to create our own design.

If we were to make this design bigger and bolder, we could make the black and the white lines a bit thicker, making it stand more out and more detailed.

In addition to creating a simple flower tattoo, we also can create a balloon design for the other flower, which you can see below.

The balloons can also be used as decoration for the artwork.

You could also create a tattoo design by placing balloons over a flower design and placing it over a balloon.

This would create a subtle effect.

You would have the balloons in the background while the balloon design is displayed.

You also could add a balloon to a flower that is already tattooed to create some additional detail.

We have also used a lot of different shapes for this balloon flower.

You should try out different designs and designs and make your own.

You may find these tutorials useful and you can purchase a print version of this tutorial here.