By mandala leafs, the mandala flowers are used to decorate outdoor displays, including flower displays at festivals.

The plants are used as decoration around the home and around gardens.

They have become popular because they grow quickly and require little care.

However, the flowers have also been used for tattooing.

In September last year, the Japanese government launched a new licensing scheme for tattoo artists, which will allow artists to tattoo large images of mandala on to the skin of their clients.

However, mandala plant tattooing remains controversial in Japan, as it is considered a taboo and a taboo to tattoo on the face.

According to the Japanese tattoo industry association, the tattooing of mandalas is illegal in the country, and has resulted in a spike in arrests.

In February, a woman was arrested on charges of tattooing mandala on her body after she was seen removing the flowers from her body.

The police investigation is still ongoing.