An Arizona family is using their faith to save one of their own, but the process isn’t easy.

“The sunflower is one of the only things we’ve got in this world that we can take care of and protect,” said the Rev. John Geddes, a Catholic priest who has been with the family since the beginning.

Geddes’ father died a year ago and he said that since then the family has been “very focused on getting this plant to a plant nursery and that’s the first step in saving the sunflower.”

Gedds said that the family’s focus has been on getting the sunflowers to a place where it can grow and become a tree.

They’ve taken a number of steps.

Geds said they’ve been in touch with the nursery that he’s been working with and are waiting to see if that works.

The family has made arrangements with a local church to bring a new container in the spring and the nursery will have to give them permission.

The church has also been donating a couple of trees, so that the trees can grow into a tree house and the family will be able to have access to them.

The family is also trying to find a way to bring the trees back.

Gedds says the family is going to make the trees available to the community.

“It’s very important for us to let the community know we are doing something about this and they are not going to take it lightly,” Gedding said.

The church in question, St. John’s Episcopal Church, has been offering free donations to the family.

Giddes said they are working with the church to get the trees in place.

They’re also offering a $20 donation to a local group called the Desert Hearts.

The group has also set up a GoFundMe page to help the family get the money.

They are asking for donations to be sent to:The Desert Hearts, 501(c)(3) of the Desert Heart Church.

The Desert Hearts is a local non-profit organization, but Geddings said they will need to get a donation from a local organization to receive the money to get their donations through.

Gads is also encouraging people to donate to the Desert Winds for their efforts.

The Desert Winds is the largest volunteer fire department in the United States, with about 60 fire trucks and 60 crews in the area.

They have been working for the family for a month and a half.