A butterfly flower found this month in Myanmar has not been endangered, according to a conservation group.

The flower, which has not yet been identified, was found in the remote Myanmar region of Nagaon, said the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

It is the first time that a butterfly flower has been found in a region that is prone to bushfire.

“The butterfly flower is one of the most common and easily identifiable flowers in Myanmar.

It is native to the south-east of the country, but it is rare to find it in the south,” said the WCS.”

A butterfly flower can survive in any environment where there is shade, but for some reason it is rarely found in areas that have been severely burned, and therefore not as commonly in the country.”

The butterfly found in Nagaoron was about 1cm across, with a long tail and a long, yellowish flower.

The WCS said that in the past two years, the number of butterflies in Myanmar had increased by 50 per cent, and the number had increased from 30 to 100.

“We’re hoping that by this time next year, the butterflies will be much more abundant,” said WCS director of scientific research and conservation, Simon Lister.

“If this doesn’t happen, we will likely have to look at changing the habitat for the butterflies, as well as the habitat of other insects, such as the brown dragonfly.”‘

No butterflies, no biodiversity’Despite the decline in butterflies, the WCS is hoping to save them.

“They’re just one of many native species that we need to conserve, so they are important in the overall picture,” said Lister, adding that it would be difficult to eradicate the butterfly from the forest because of its importance to forest ecosystems.

“This butterfly has already become a part of our landscape.

It’s one of those things that you might not know it exists, but we know it’s important,” he said.”

I would say that no butterflies, none biodiversity.”