The best flower shops in Melbourne, according to a new report, are usually hidden away in leafy suburbs, and the only way to find them is to book a guided tour.

“There are a lot of places that people don’t really know about because they don’t cater for the people in Melbourne,” said Tom Hutton, who runs flower shop The Flower Shop.

“They might have a flower shop, but they don ‘t have a stall.”

Hutton said the only people who really need a flower garden in Melbourne are people who live in the CBD, and they’re rarely able to find a flower vendor in the suburbs.

“If they’re looking for a flower seller in a quiet residential area, they may be looking at a flower stall,” he said.

“But if they’re in a suburb, they might not have access to a flower-selling stall, so that’s why we have to look at the whole flower shop.”

The report, published today by the Melbourne Flower Shop, found that the best way to get the best flowers in Melbourne is to visit the CBD and discover the different types of flower shops.

“The CBD is where the people go to shop, so if you’re looking to get flowers in the city centre, you’re going to have to get into a lot more of the residential areas,” Hutton said.

“You can find them in the inner suburbs.”

Hulls study also found the best place to shop in Victoria is in Melbourne’s CBD, with the highest percentage of visitors finding their way to a stall at Flower Shop Melbourne.

“People are more likely to walk up to a store, and it’s often the same type of shop that you can find in the centre of town,” he added.

The Flower Shop’s Mr Hutton says most of the customers are in their 20s and 30s.

“A lot of people will have gone to university and are now going out and having children, and that’s the kind of people who are going to shop,” he explained.

“I’m quite sure a lot are going for their first flower.”

You’re going for a new flower, you might not like it as much as your mother or father did, but it’s a new one, so you might as well have it.”‘

It’s the perfect place to meet a flower’It wasn’t always this way.

Hutton first became interested in flower shops as a child, and as he got older, he started to see more and more of them in Melbourne.

He says he often got mistaken for a gardener by locals who didn’t recognise the difference between a flower and a shop.”

When I first started doing flower work, I didn’t think much of it, but as time went on, I started to appreciate the difference,” he says.”

For example, if a shop’s name is flower, I’ll look at it, and there’ll be a big flower on the back.

Then I’ll go in and look for the shop.

If I see a shop that’s just a stall with flowers on the front, it’ll be like, ‘oh, that’s a little bit more flowery’.

“Mr Hutton started his business in the 1970s and has been a flower merchant since 1993.

He said he saw a huge change in the way flower shops were operating in Melbourne as a result of the city’s development boom in the 1990s.”[It] was a lot less commercial, a lot smaller, and you had a lot fewer people,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”[People] just moved in and out of the CBD.”

Now, with this growth, I don’t see the same sort of business model of the flower shop that I used to see.”

Mr Hutt says there’s an increasing need for flower shops, especially in the Victorian CBD.

However, he admits that it can be tough finding the right shop.”[The flower shop] is going to be the best one,” he admitted.

“Most people will be looking for one that’s going to suit their needs.”

Hutt says he’s had customers tell him that they want to go to the Flower Shop because it’s such a hidden gem, but also that they like the idea of finding flowers from a garden.

“In the CBD it’s very hard to find, so I like that it’s hidden away,” he noted.

“It’s a great way to meet new people and have some conversation with someone.”

The Flower School’s Mr Cusack says finding the best shop in a particular area can be difficult.

“Many of the places that are the best for flower shop are in areas that are quiet and quiet is often the key,” he stated.

“We’ve been lucky to have found places in the northern suburbs that are very quiet and have really great flowers, and those are a great choice for our customers.”

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