Microsoft is launching a mobile app that allows users to automatically stop the spread of viruses like the one that killed four people at a Texas amusement park.

The app, called Flow, has been downloaded more than 35 million times and launched in several countries, including the U.S. and Brazil.

It works by downloading a cloud-based service called FlowIQ and sending it a series of code words.

The code is stored on a server and sent to users.

“FlowIQ is a cloud service that is used by millions of people worldwide.

It automatically detects the presence of malicious software, alerts users to a threat and then immediately blocks access to a website, social media, chat or app,” said a microsoft spokesperson in a statement.

In addition to the U-shaped flow, users can use the app to stop viruses like ransomware, which have been known to encrypt files on infected devices.

More: The app also warns users if they are using another virus-detection service like Trend Micro’s Malwarebytes.

Users can download the app on their phone and see the results in real time.

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