A simple flower boy is a rare item in Fallout: New Vegas.

The only thing you need to make one is a small garden orchard and a few seeds.

These flowers are often found in the garden near the water and the garden is the best place to find them.

The flowers are edible and are edible only if eaten.

The flower boy can be found in all major locations in the Mojave Wasteland.

He can be recruited at any level, and at the end of the quest The Perfect Flower Boy will reward you with 100 caps.

The boy’s only weakness is that he can’t grow, but he’s not as bad as he looks, as his health is reduced to 1.5 times his normal level.

He also has a few weak spots.

His eyes are always on the ground, making him difficult to spot, and he only has three arms.

He has a special attack called Flower Boy’s Folly, which inflicts 1,000 damage to an enemy.

You can find the flower boy on the beach outside of the Waterfront Inn.

It is the only place you can find a flower boy, and it is the location that is used for the Flower Boy mini-game.

The Flower Boy minigame is unlocked by finding all of the flower flowers, and the reward is 100 caps each.