There’s no better place to begin than with the best bluebonnets.

Bluebonnets can make the perfect backdrop for the holiday season or a spring-green, floral-themed bed, and are one of the best ways to give your garden a bit of personality.

Here are seven of our favorite bluebonnets.


White-blue bonnetBluebonnets are typically found in warm climates, but they can grow as low as 50 to 60 degrees.

They’re best suited to a sunny spot where they can get full sun.

White bonnets can be hardy in the winter, but be sure to plant them outside.


Pink-red bonnetWhite bonnets, also known as blackbonnets, are often grown in cooler climates, with the shade in the south or west.

While pink-red is a pretty color, the foliage is hardy and produces fruit a few years old.

Pink bonnets are more prolific than other varieties.


White and orange bonnetThese are also known by their name of white-and-orange, and they’re often grown from spring to fall in the southeast.

White is the most popular variety for most gardeners, and orange is a popular choice for those wanting to add a little color to the landscape.

White Bonnets produce great, lush, white fruit.


Purple-orange bonnetPurple-orange is one of our favorites in the garden, and it can grow to 20 feet in height.

Purple is a shade of red that has a yellow center.

It’s not the best choice for a fall garden, but it’s one of those colors that will look fantastic at any time of year.

Purple bonnets make great accents on the outside of a home.


Green-bluebonetGreen bonnets come in a wide range of colors, and a large number of them have a yellow-green center.

They also produce beautiful fruit, which makes them a good choice for summer and fall planting.

Green bonnets grow well in hot climates, although they’re a little harder to grow.


Orange-orange-redBonnets are very popular in the tropics, but many are grown in warmer climates.

Orange is one the most common colors in the plant kingdom, and red is the other.

These two colors look great on a bed or table.


Yellow-green-purpleBonnets grow in warm temperate climates, and yellow is the best option for those looking for a nice green bed.

Yellow bonnets produce beautiful, bright orange fruit, and can also be grown indoors or outdoors.