An $8.8 million vase that has been a fixture in the Garden City’s landscape since 1864 has been auctioned off for a record-breaking $2.5 million.

The flower vases were donated to the city by an anonymous benefactor in 1967, when they were used in the installation of the city’s first streetlights.

A group of art lovers has been working to restore the vases to their former glory.

“The Garden City is a vibrant, vibrant city, and we can’t take our eye off the ball,” Mayor Marty Walsh said Tuesday.

“And we can use this time to make this one of the great pieces of history.”

The vases are being sold for a staggering $2,500 per piece, or $80,000 in today’s dollars.

The vases will be displayed for the first time on Sept. 1 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The vase has been on display at the New York Public Library since 1968, when it was moved to the Garden State.

The city is also donating a new, larger one to the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Metropolitan Museum will auction the vase for $6.8 to $8 million.

The flower vasing was donated by a anonymous benefactor in 1967.

It was designed by Joseph F. Koppelman, and was installed in New Jersey.

Its vase was donated to New York in 1969, when the Garden Cities Department of Parks and Recreation leased it from the city.

The new vases and the flowers will be donated to an art conservancy in the city of New York called the Garden Capital Fund.

They were part of a larger donation from the New Jersey Landmarks Preservation Commission to help preserve Garden City.

The auction is set to run for five days.

A buyer will have to be approved by the New Yorkers Commission on the Arts, and the Garden Council is expected to approve the sale at its September 8 meeting.