FourFourThirty Eight has spoken to one of Australia’s leading tattoo artists who has used the technique to create a colourful and uniquely coloured animal tattoo on his arm.

A tattoo artist named Simon Fennell has created the animal tattoo of a blue bird and is calling it the “Eve of the Sun”.

The tattoo is so unique that Mr Fennel says he’s never done it before.

“It’s so beautiful,” he said.

“You’re looking at it through a glass of wine and you’re thinking ‘Oh my God, that is amazing’.”

It just feels so personal.

It’s a very personal piece of artwork.

“Mr Fennells creative process has been captured on film for the first time.”

Mr Molloy is one of the world’s leading tattoos artists, and a world renowned one at that. “

I wanted to make sure that I was putting something real, something that really resonated with the person that I’m putting it on.”

Mr Molloy is one of the world’s leading tattoos artists, and a world renowned one at that.

The Australian tattooist is known for his unique tattoos, and he’s done thousands of designs over the years.

“In terms of the animal tattoos I do, the one that I like the most is the one on my arm that has a bird on it,” Mr Molloys said.

The tattoo artist has been doing animal tattoos for years, but this is his first time using it to create an animal.

“What I wanted to do was make a really strong piece of art,” Mr Fynell said.

He was inspired to create the animal by watching the video of a sea turtle being put to sleep.

“The sea turtle just does not sleep,” he explained.

“When it’s going to sleep, it’s so much easier to go into the water and do the [animal] tattoo.”

So that was the inspiration for me.

“The tattoo will be on the left arm of Mr Molls.”

That was really the first piece of animal I did and it was quite a hard one to do, but I’ve always had the desire to do animal tattoos,” he added.”

They’ve always been really difficult to do and I’ve done them in all sorts of different ways, but it’s always been to the same effect.

“There’s a natural connection between the tattoo and the animal.”

The artist said he wanted the tattoo to be a reflection of the way he feels about animals.

“If it’s something that I feel very passionate about, and I have an animal on my forearm, then it will be an animal,” Mr Loomis said.

“That was my intention.”

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