A big change for the first beta of Windows 10, which is now available to download on PC and Mobile, is the removal of the lock screen.

It’s now possible to choose to not be greeted with a lock screen, or to display a lock icon to unlock.

There are also some new features and improvements in this version, including support for USB 3.0, USB-C, and Ethernet.

If you’re looking to get into Windows 10 on PC, you’ll need to download the latest build from the Windows Update page, and then sideload the file.

If your PC isn’t up to date, you can download the build from Microsoft’s website and sideload it yourself.

If the build you’re sideloading is newer than the one you downloaded from Microsoft, you will need to do a fresh install of Windows to be able to sideload.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Insider program will help you find the latest builds, and update to the latest ones as they become available.