A beautiful, transparent flower transparent has recently been found in a cave in the Indian Himalayas.

The beautiful flower, peony, is thought to be the first ever species to be found in the Himalayans, which have been known to contain a vast array of plants including pears and pearls.

“It is an excellent example of an ancient natural species,” said researcher Dr Aseem Pannath of the Natural History Museum of India in New Delhi.

“Its unique, beautiful and unique look is an example of the complexity of plant life in India.”

The existence of this beautiful flower is a great reminder of the richness of life in the world’s ancient regions.

“The peony was found in 2008, and its discovery sparked a rush to create a new species of peony.

The researchers used a sophisticated microscope to examine the flower and found the structure of the cell membrane to be completely intact, unlike the surrounding cells.”

This was quite a surprise,” said Pannathan.”

I thought this could only be one of many species of a genus called Pomeacea that we have not found in India.””

Its structure is completely unlike any other known species of this genus in India, but it’s the first time a species of Pomeaceae was found outside India.

“The research was published in the journal PLOS ONE.