A startup has opened up a flower delivery service for customers who don’t want to drive to their nearest flower vendor.

The flower delivery app FlowerDelivery has raised $20 million in Series A funding, which was led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The seed round, led by venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, also included $2.5 million from CMO and angel investor Marc Andreessen.

The service allows customers to book a delivery date for flowers to arrive in the delivery box.

The flowers will be delivered from the customer’s own house, rather than being delivered to an area where flowers are sold, as in traditional flower delivery.

It’s a “game changer” for flower delivery, said CEO and cofounder Daniel Leffler.

“It’s basically a more flexible, more affordable way to do flower delivery.”

The startup plans to begin providing deliveries in March 2018.

The company plans to expand to other cities and states, including Boston and Chicago, later this year.

FlowerDelivery is a new service that has emerged in the wake of online delivery platforms such as Amazon and Google’s Goliath.

The platform, which allows customers order flowers, allows them to book delivery at their own house and then has a courier pick up flowers for them at their desired location.

The courier then takes the flowers back to the customer, who can then pick them up in the street or at their home, as long as they don’t have flowers in the car.

Leffler said the company has a “significant amount of interest in the business.”

Leffling said that he and his co-founders plan to make a profit from the service, which has been “an immediate success” and has attracted customers to its platform.

Lefler said that the company’s new service will allow customers to order flowers and then receive them at a delivery location at their chosen location.

The company is looking to partner with other flower delivery services and is looking at using Uber and Lyft to make the service accessible to the public.