Posted February 03, 2020 08:08:58When it comes to cannabis in Texas, there are a lot more plants than you might think.

At the state flower shop in the town of Aransas Pass, you’ll find a variety of plants from every variety imaginable, from the wild-looking cannabis plant to the flowering weed that’s been cultivated in an industrial greenhouse for decades.

The store is full, so it’s not a place you would normally go to purchase flowers, but for those who are looking to make a quick buck, the store is just the place to go.

“I was going to go to a big flower shop, but theres just a lot going on,” said Chris Kuchera.

The shop is part of the flower shop chain.

The chain has grown from just a few flower shops in Texas into a growing number of locations across the state, including in Houston and in the Houston suburb of Katy.

“We started about six or seven years ago,” said Michael Hager, a co-owner of FlowerShop Texas.

“It started out with a couple of guys who wanted to make their own pot plants, and they went to a bunch of growers and got together and started selling them for $50 or $100,” he said.

“And they kind of went from there.”

The chain is also expanding in other states, with locations in Los Angeles, Miami and other parts of the US.

“There are a couple other stores around the country, and the ones that are really, really growing are in Colorado, Texas, Florida, Washington state,” Mr Hager said.

Mr Kuctera is a regular customer at FlowerShop, but he’s also a regular at other flower shops, because he’s always looking for a way to get some of the money he makes from the cannabis he sells.

“Myself and my wife are very into it,” he told ABC News.

“One of the things we love to do is just go and pick up a couple bags and just take them home and sell them, and that is what we do.”

Mr Hager and Mr Kucmeyer said the business has evolved from just picking up cannabis plants to selling them to someone.

“Now we are a cannabis dispensary,” Mr Kuchy said.

He said they’ve had to hire some extra staff to cater for the growing demand.

“When you’re growing and you’re doing it for the love of it, you can get some help out of it,” Mr Mucher said.

A sign outside FlowerShop reads: “The best way to support Texas farmers and growers.”

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